No Hand Sanitizer - What would a Pirate do?

When the island is at it's peak during season, you sometimes forget that you're living on an Island.  I've honestly found myself sitting in traffic and daydreaming about running away to an island. 

Then a storm approaches and the Island clears out to only residents and you quickly remember that you are living on an island with limited resources.  So when hand sanitizer became a rare commodity, one of our most resourceful Islanders but his Rum Distillery to good use for the community.

Paul Menta of First Legal Distillery Key West turned the runoff from distilling rum into hand sanitizer and has been donating his "Ruminizer" to Doctors, Nurses, Mail Carriers, Nursing Homes, Police and Sheriff Departments.  He and his team have helped over 10K Key West and Florida Keys stay safe while keeping us safe.

If you want to sanitize your hands and feel like a Covid-19 fighting Pirate, you can order "Ruminizer"  by visiting:

Also, it never hurts to have some rum cake to eat with your clean hands!

Sending Island Heartfelt Love and Gratitude to Paul and his team for another great contribution to our Island's Story.